Devoted to healing the human body, Elaine has been a lifelong practitioner of natural medicine and treatments.

Her technique is the culmination of extensive study and over 12 years industry experience, as a licensed acupuncturist specialising in the Master Tung style and also of advanced constitutional facial acupuncture.

She is a certified gemologist with deep knowledge of crystals and their various healing properties, and holds a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

Elaine’s work combines these ancient wisdoms with a deep understanding of the demands - and damaging effects - of our modern world, and how best to remedy them.



Elaine was raised with Chinese medicine, recalling how her mother would give her specific herbs to drink or foods to eat as child, to treat various ailments. A devoted fitness enthusiast, Elaine studied and became a Pilates instructor, teaching her craft in several corners of Europe.

While later living in Thailand and after the recent loss of her mother, she began to suffer from eczema and allergies; remembering her mother’s teachings, she again turned to traditional Chinese herbs and techniques for a cure.

Having found holistic medicines to be her surest remedy, especially for her skin health, and she decided she wanted to formally study these ancient sciences. Elaine moved to Sri Lanka for two months for homeopathy training under Dr. Anton Jayasuriya, where she first discovered the benefits of acupuncture, working in free clinics there and marveling at how effective acupuncture was for so many. She decided to refocus her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and returned to the United States, where she continued to teach Pilates simultaneously.

During her studies, she worked under Matt Calison at his RIMAC clinic treating athletes at UCSD, as well as at a clinic for the homeless. Upon graduation, Elaine expanded her studies in Master Tung acupuncture under Dr. Tan, Dr. Robert Chu and Brad Whisnant, experience which she felt finally rendered her into a connoisseur of the body’s workings.

Elaine has been sharing her holistic knowledge in Paris since 2008, with a focus on the benefits of acupuncture for skin health and facial rejuvenation.