This interactive workshop will provide you with a gua sha facial routine that you can use daily, to sculpt and regenerate your facial tissue.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), gua sha has customarily been used on the body to release toxins, increase circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage (reducing swelling and bloat).

When employed for the face, the gua sha tools are used to move lymphatic fluid and sculpt the muscles and tissue, clearing stagnation, stimulating cell activity and the encouraging regeneration. Through this technique we can help reduce puffiness, increase contour, firm and lift sagging skin, create a healthy glow, and reduce tension in the face and neck.

The workshop will cover the meridians on the face, muscle motor points and lymph node areas, and you will be guided through exactly how to do the routine for yourself at home, with plenty of time provided for assisted practice to ensure that you feel completely comfortable with the movements.

Gua sha is more than just a beauty tool; it’s also an important self-care practice, as it requires the movements to be done softly and mindfully.

Daily use of a gua sha tool made of rose quartz allows you to create a potent moment of calm, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and energetically bring love and healing vibrations to yourself and your home.


Our gua sha workshop is a fantastic team building experience, that enables participants to connect to themselves, and each other, while learning a valuable self-care and anti-aging technique.

The tailored mixture of mindfulness practices brings stress relief, improved immunity and inner calm to participants.

Workshops can be held in your office but where possible we recommend holding them at one of our beautiful spaces, to truly immerse yourself in the experience.

“My team and I work with some of the most demanding clients in the world. We are always on, and oftentimes in high pressure situations. Elaine’s Gua Sha workshop is a perfect way to work through everyday stresses, and walk out looking amazing!

Starting with a mindfulness meditation, you are immediately relaxed and ready to learn the ancient technique of Gua Sha. Whether on your own or in a group, working with Elaine takes you out of your everyday environment and you walk away with the ability to transform yourself, removing tension and looking young and fresh.

Especially great is that in a short time Elaine teaches you the techniques so that you can do them on your own, wherever life takes you.”

Nicole Weiss, Global Head of Client Relations and Client Experience, Louis Vuitton