“I have been seeing Elaine for around 4 years now. As one of the many expats that lives in Paris, works in Creative Industry, and has a ridiculous travel schedule, I cannot even begin to say how much benefit I get from her treatments. She has become somewhat infamous among my circle of friends (both local and those that visit for work) and I've never had someone see her once and not become a regular patient. On top of that she creates an environment that is personal, nurturing, and facilitates complete trust in her ability. Elaine has become an essential part of my life in Paris, and a dear friend, and I have zero hesitation stating that anyone would benefit from regular treatment.”
Ben Mazey, Design Director, Kenzo

“Discovering Elaine in Paris has been a total game changer for me. Her treatments are incredibly restorative bringing balance back to the body. Spending an hour on her table is like taking a vacation. Thank you Elaine!”
Fran Burns, Stylist and Co-founder of Print Magazine

“We count on Elaine’s strength when our broken bodies and souls are in need of realignment. The very act of acupuncture might be physical, yet her approach and techniques are spiritual. She constructs her sessions based on an individual’s needs and recognizes the fluctuations of a body better than a doctor. This has often made me liken her work to that of a healer, for that is who and what she is. A Californian soul with a Parisian touch in a pristine white lab coat that gets us through the year and a busy calendar season after season.”
Anzej Dezan, Digital Content Editor

“I initially started seeing Elaine for chronic sports related injuries and after major knee surgery. Her treatments sped up my recovery so significantly that my surgeon was left speechless. I continue to see Elaine regularly to maintain a healthy equilibrium. Her considerable knowledge and insights about the body, seen through the lens of Chinese Medecine and mindfulness, have been life changing for me. Even the face treatments using her magic herbs and jade rollers have piqued the curiosity of my Botox friends. It would be redundant to say that I am a huge fan.”
Alison S, Artist

“I’ve been going to Elaine’s for acupuncture for several years now, and what I love most is her resourcefulness! About health obviously, as I like to hear from both sides of the medicine world, Eastern and Western, but she also connects dots unlike typical Western doctors, who can only speak about “one thing”. I love how she uses different (Chinese + Eastern) techniques on me, and she advises me on which Chinese herbal pills to take for my aches, and where I can go to get more. On top of that, she is really into skincare and facial work, I try out all her creams and tips, as she’s knowledgable and well, I trust her. Now, she combines the session with crystals and jade rollers and so forth, and it only gets better. When I come back from my long haul blitz trips, I make it a tradition to see her, so she can re-boot me. I always need my Elaine fix!”
Carla Wachtveitl, Public Relations

“I can’t praise Elaine enough. Not only does she manage to keep my skin looking like I am still a teenager, through a mix of acupuncture, her miracle creams and crystal healing powers, but she has also been a constant source of inspiration creatively and emotionally. Her healing powers extend outside of her practice and her words of wisdom have guided me through some tough times. I couldn’t live in Paris without Elaine! I send all of my friends her way. She’s my number one!”
Lucy Folk, Founder and Creative Director

“Time and time again Elaine has given me a much-needed boost be it due to fatigue, illness or stress. Brilliant treatments pre and post-natal as well and her unique facials offer an instant pick-me-up. So happy to have found her in Paris and cannot recommend her enough.”
Alice Cavanaugh, Journalist

“Elaine is magic! She has helped me on so many levels from just basic daily life stresses to supporting a fertility journey and finally a pregnancy. It’s a full mind body experience and always in complete comfort and security - she is easy and open to talk about anything with and has a great intuition that makes every session a little slice of peace in life and you leave feeling renewed and relieved! With the added benefit of some facial beauty and endless resources - Simply just so so SO good for the soul”
Heidi B, Accessories Director

“Elaine is a highly professional and talented acupuncturist, extremely knowledgeable and wonderfully accessible. She’s always adding tools to her arsenal, whether it’s a rose quartz roller or a new cream she’s invented. Sessions with her are always healing, relaxing and fun. The greatest proof of her prowess however, is visible right on the face. Who cares about botox when there’s Elaine?”
Dara S, Writer

"Elaine is, in simplest terms, a magician. Regardless of what state of being or symptoms I arrive with, I always leave feeling calm, clear and totally revitalised. If I could come every week, I swear I'd start aging in reverse!”
Jenni Dawes, Strategist and Wellness Advisor

“Elaine has absolutely changed my life. She was recommended to me during a period of intense stress and fatigue. Thanks to her I started to feel more balanced, calm and I didn't get sick anymore. Her personality is shining over the table when she's taking care of you. She also worked wonders on my face, her technique with the gua sha, jade rollers and cups are making a visible change every time. I need her for the everyday balance in my life.”
Fanni Szokoli, Executive Producer